Just how a male’s hands could expose the dimension of his penis

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Urban myth claims that a guy’s penis is approximately half as huge as the dimension of his footwear, so it’s not shocking that researchers have actually looked into the issue.


The size of a male s forefinger versus the size of his third finger could provide you rather a large tip regarding exactly how large he is when set up.

Researchers discovered that footwear dimensions varied from 5.5 to 13 while penis sizes were in between 2.4 inches and also 7.1 inches.

Exactly what this implies is that the much shorter a guy s index finger was in relationship to his ring finger, the longer his upright penis is most likely to be.

Researcher did discover that there is a connection in between a male’s hands as well as his penis dimension.

Scientists in the UK gauged the dimension of 104 individual footwear’s and also penises to checked out the concept and also see if it truly stands.

The research, which was released in the British Journal of Urology International, discovered that there wasn’t any kind of connection in between the dimension of guy’s feet and also the dimension of their members.

Most individuals believe it’s a misconception, yet there could really be some fact in it.

It has actually been claimed that you could inform just how large an individual’s penis is by considering various other components of his body, like his hands or feet.


Making certain the outcomes were as precise as feasible, medical professionals did the determining so guys wouldn’t overstate just how much they were loading downstairs.

Researchers aren’t precisely certain why there’s a connection, however they assume it has something to do operating the hormonal agents were subjected to in the womb.

Study performed at Gachon University Gil Hospital in South Korea discovered that individuals operating a smaller sized distinction in size in between their 2 fingers which is additionally referred to as the 24:4 D proportion were most likely to have larger penis.